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Our Point of Difference is Key

  • The Spotlight Newspapers has been around for 51 years

  • It’s a FREE publication seen by locals and visitors

  • Our ad rates are the best in the county

  • We distribute our newspaper weekly (every Thursday) to restaurants, cafes, salons, retail shops, gas stations, and more

  • Your brand is our #1 priority and it’s our goal to make your brand in an eye-catching and creative way. If you don’t have an ad to give us, we will work with you to create one at no extra cost

  • You can spend less with us and still get the response you want— all from a targeted, local audience

  • Our content is relevant, creative, current, fun, and family oriented

  • Issue after issue, our products continue to satisfy our customers. In fact, we retain more clients every year than our competitors. Our loyal readers offer you consistent exposure to your audience

  • We don’t just work here, we live here, too. We are passionate about keeping our audience engaged and getting our advertisers' results.

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Our Demographics

Your Audience

  • Locals and Visitors

  • Female: 58%

  • Male: 42%

  • Age Range: 18-75+

Our Circulation

Readership 15,000 weekly

  • Rosenberg

  • Richmond

  • Fairchild

  • Needville

  • East Bernard

  • Beasley

  • Orchard

  • Simonton

  • Fulshear

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The Spotlight Newspapers will strive to provide our readership and advertisers with relevant, current, fun, and family oriented content on both publications. We are committed to marketing our advertisers’ businesses in the best possible way while representing the excitement of our local community.

Our Mission Statement

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  • Advertisers will receive a FREE ad post on our Facebook page. We will also do our best to share content of your own Facebook page posts.

  • Each advertiser is listed in our online Business Directory at

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